HDMI cables have many advanced features and functions, not all of which are easy to understand. at first. One of these is HDCP, which stands for High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection.

What is HDCP?

High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection is a copy protection scheme which has been specially designed to prevent digital data from being intercepted midstream, as it is carried from source (i.e. DVD player) to display (i.e. TV set).

Any source component of your home entertainment system which is compatible with the HDCP scheme will have a secure connection with any compliant display, so that data transfer can be carried out safely and securely.

All HDCP sessions result in the exchange of keys between devices. The source device queries the display, to make sure it is HDCP compliant. Some non HDCP- devices, like PCs for example, will work with any display that is DVI compliant, but HDCP compliant devices will only work with HDCP compliant displays.

If you have any more questions about HDCP and how it will affect you and your home entertainment system, you should seek professional advice from an HDMI cable expert.