If you don’t know that much about a particular device or a piece of technology, it is a lot easier for a pushy salesperson to bamboozle and persuade you into shelling out much more money for a product than you need to.

This is a situation many people have found themselves in when buying home entertainment devices. They arrive at the till or checkout and are advised that they will need an HDMI cable to connect the device up. In their ignorance of how much to pay, and in their desperation to start enjoying their new gadget right away, they agree to pay a small fortune for a ‘premium’ HDMI cable.

This is a waste of money, as you can find plenty of cheap HDMI cables online that will do exactly the same job as the overpriced one. You can avoid paying more than you need to by doing some research before you buy your new TV, Blu-ray player or games console.

Simply look online, find the right HDMI cable to support your new gadget, and compare prices. There are premium cables you can buy on the Internet, such as those that are gold-plated, but even these are less than a tenth of the price of cables you will be sold in the shop.