Microfiber Display cloth (iPhone/iPad/Galaxy)

Microfiber Display cloth (iPhone/iPad/Galaxy)
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Product Description

High-tech microfibre cloth "Magic" Quickly, thoroughly, and gently cleans all displays with high-quality, high-tech fibres Thanks to its unbelievably thin and soft special fibres, the high-tech DISPLEX microfiber cloth "Magic" guarantees especially easy, quick and thorough cleaning for all displays! This new generation of microfibre cloths easily  removes dust, dirt and oily fingerprints. And without a single drop of cleaning solution!

In contrast to standard commercial microfibre cloths, which can scratch the display, our novel DISPLEX high-tech fibre is over 50% thinner. It softly and gently cleans the  isplay surface? without scratching. The DISPLEX microfiber cloth is 100% lint-free, washable and can be used a countless number of times. It is an all-around worthwhile investment. It´s magic! Easily wipe away streaks and fingerprints!

- Quick, easy and efficient cleaning
- Manufactured of extremely thin and splitted high-tech fibres
- Especially gentle cleaning
- 100% lint-free

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Additional Information
Manufacturer White label
SKU WC43108
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