Active DVB-T Outdoor Aerial with LTE/4G filter

Active DVB-T Outdoor Aerial with LTE/4G filter
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For reception of DVB-T/DVB-T2 HD (DTT) with 16 dB gain

- For reception of analog and digital TV signals in the VHF (47-230 MHz) and UHF (470-790 MHz) range
- Active DAB, DVB-T, and DVB-T2 antenna especially for HD/SD digital terrestrial TV reception
- Integrated amplifier VHF 20+/-3 dB and UHF 16+/-4 dB
- Omnidirectional and therefore no realignment (horizontal/vertical) necessary for differently polarized transmitters
- GSM/LTE/4G filter to avoid annoying interference by cell phones
- Optional installation on wall (flexible rod/pole) or mast
- UV-resistant weatherproof housing

With the days getting shorter and a full Christmas TV schedule to look forward to, this is ideal for the modern day T.V. watcher. They are very convenient, as there is no need to install an outdoor aerial, which is quite time consuming. They are very reliable and give off fantastic picture quality in full 1080p HD and perfect sound, as well as being fully Saorview compatible. This one in particular has a 4G/LTE filter. In English this basically means that it filters out all 4G and LTE interferences, which allows you to have your phone beside you and it does not interfere with the T.V. reception. This aerial has a shielded coaxial cable and coaxial connector which gives a fantastic, interference-free reception in your home and/or workplace. With the way this aerial is designed, there is no need to place the aerial in the area of the best reception in your home e.g. beside a window, it will work anywhere. It has an integrated amplifier, which gives up to 30 decibels of amplification. A mains power supply is provided with the Active DVB-T Indoor Aerial. To make it even better, this fantastic indoor aerial was given 92.1% rating by the major German technology review website, Satvision. It was up against five other major competitors but this one came on top for pricing and performance, which are the two things any consumer want when buying an electrical product. Overall, a good product to have and use in all homes and workplaces

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Additional Information
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SKU WC51501
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